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About Us

Evil Gerbil was started in 2018 off of a desire to bring back that old school flare, flavor, and style to paintball. Our Chief Operating Officer and Founder, Eric 'Eazy' Goins, started sewing back in 2010, working on customizing and adjusting the fit to some of his clothes. After developing and improving his skill, he began working on creating artifacts for his paintball gear. He'd missed that old school feel of apparel, thus giving birth to the brand we know today as Evil Gerbil. 

Why Evil Gerbil?

Evil Gerbil is a character created by Eazy. As a former NYC graffiti artist, the Evil Gerbil was a staple to some of his greatest work. It became somewhat of his calling card, that he's now turned into a recognizable brand name in the Paintball community.  

Earn Your Fade

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